Empowering Safety!

Unleash Resilience with GoozamReady!


The GOOZAMREADY platform offers a comprehensive and holistic solution to emergency preparedness. It fosters vital collaboration and coordination, harnesses crucial insights, ensures stakeholders are kept informed, and optimizes essential workflows for both planning and response.

Streamline Crisis Management with a Single Software Platform

EPP empowers organizations across various sectors to effortlessly meet compliance standards by providing robust support for developing and executing Emergency Preparedness Plans

Our Critical Messaging ensure swift and reliable communication during emergencies. Instantly reach key stakeholders, coordinate response efforts, and disseminate critical information with ease. Stay connected and responsive when every second counts.

Our Critical Broadcasting offer unparalleled versatility and efficiency in disseminating vital information. From routine updates to critical alerts, ensure that every message is delivered promptly and comprehensively, fostering a culture of preparedness and responsiveness within your organization.

Our Incident Tracking Feature offers a robust solution for managing incidents with precision and efficiency. From initial detection to resolution, track every aspect of an incident's lifecycle with ease.