EPP Management System

Stay Ready, Stay Safe: Managing Preparedness at Every Level

EPP, or Emergency Preparedness Plan, is a critical tool designed to help organizations identify and score vulnerabilities during emergencies, develop tailored response plans, and ensure readiness in the event of a calamity.

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GoozamReady for ETags Compliance


Establishment of the Emergency Program

GoozamReady is a versatile tool designed to assist organizations across various sectors in complying with ETags regulations by facilitating the development of comprehensive emergency preparedness programs. The platform promotes readiness for any disaster through an all-hazards approach that is specifically tailored to the unique geographic and demographic needs of each organization. It aids in coordinating with other organizations and community resources, and includes robust features to manage specific challenges, such as mobility limitations during emergencies. GoozamReady's capabilities extend to documenting emergency plans, conducting compliance interviews with leadership, and demonstrating preparedness during inspections, making it an essential resource for ensuring safety and meeting stringent regulatory standards efficiently.


Develop and Maintain EP Program

GoozamReady is a versatile platform designed to assist organizations in various sectors with developing and maintaining compliant emergency preparedness plans. It enables facilities to perform detailed risk assessments tailored to their specific environments, addressing natural, man-made, and operational emergencies. GoozamReady supports the annual review and documentation of these plans, ensuring they include all necessary elements and are updated to reflect the latest risks and regulatory requirements. The platform also aids in planning for continuity of operations and collaboration with local emergency services, providing tools to document and demonstrate compliance effectively during audits and inspections, making it an essential resource for organizational resilience and safety.


Development of EP Policies and Procedures

GoozamReady is a comprehensive platform that simplifies the development and implementation of policies and procedures for emergency preparedness across various industries, ensuring compliance with relevant standards. The platform supports facilities in aligning their emergency protocols with identified risks and overall preparedness plans, offering a centralized repository for easy access and management of critical documents. GoozamReady also facilitates annual updates and compliance verification, making it easier for any facility to demonstrate adherence to regulations during reviews, through a streamlined, all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness.


Procedures for Tracking of Staff and Patients

Organizations are required to implement reliable tracking systems to monitor the whereabouts of individuals in their care during emergencies, documenting both on-site movements and relocations to other organizations. This system, which can be electronic or paper-based, must ensure data accuracy and accessibility, potentially including backups to maintain integrity in adverse conditions. Organizations have the flexibility to choose their tracking method and are encouraged to utilize existing resources and networks to enhance their tracking capabilities. While tracking is mandatory for individuals under the facility’s care during emergencies, it is not required for those who have voluntarily left or been discharged, though this information should be recorded for future reference.


Policies and Procedures including Evacuation

GoozamReady is a comprehensive platform that streamlines the development and implementation of policies, including evacuation procedures, for emergency preparedness across various industries. It ensures compliance with relevant standards and supports facilities in tailoring their emergency protocols to match identified risks and preparedness plans. GoozamReady provides a centralized repository for easy access and management of critical documents related to emergency and evacuation procedures. The platform also facilitates annual updates and compliance verification, making it simpler for any facility to demonstrate adherence to regulations during reviews. This all-hazards approach enhances the readiness of facilities to manage emergencies effectively.


Development of Communication Plan

Organizations are required to establish a detailed written emergency communication plan that specifies how they will coordinate operations internally and with external stakeholders like local emergency management agencies during a crisis. The plan should clearly outline the steps to maintain operational continuity and manage communications, especially in situations where standard communication infrastructures are compromised.

The communication plan must be adapted to address challenges in areas with limited access to conventional communication technologies, such as the Internet and cell services. Alternatives like satellite phones, radios, and short wave radios should be included as backup communication methods. It is crucial that the plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis to ensure its effectiveness. Compliance is verified through surveys that check for the existence of the plan, its annual review, and its readiness to handle communication challenges during emergencies.


Emergency Prep Training and Testing

Organizations are required to establish and maintain a documented emergency preparedness training and testing program that is reviewed and updated annually. This program should be aligned with the specific risks identified in the organization's risk assessment, forming an integral part of the emergency plan. For instance, if an organization identifies flooding as a potential risk, its emergency plan should include specific policies and procedures for closing or evacuating the facility. These policies and procedures must be incorporated into both training and testing components of the program. Training should cover how to effectively communicate facility closures to required parties, while testing should involve checking the robustness of patient tracking systems and evaluating transportation procedures for safely relocating individuals to alternate facilities.


Continuity of Operations

GoozamReady is a robust emergency preparedness platform that allows organizations to effectively plan for potential relocation within their designated service areas in the event of local emergencies, such as tornado threats or major flooding. The platform ensures that such relocation strategies are thoroughly incorporated into an organization’s emergency plan. Additionally, GoozamReady aids in the development of coordinated protocols among various entities, such as service providers and administrative bodies. These protocols establish clear duties and responsibilities for each party during emergencies, in accordance with established guidelines.

To verify compliance with these emergency preparedness measures, GoozamReady includes tailored survey procedures. These procedures involve checking that each organization has developed and mutually agreed upon emergency protocols with all relevant partners. The platform also ensures that there is a comprehensive plan in place for maintaining operational continuity from an alternate location during an emergency. This approach helps organizations ensure that critical functions can continue without interruption, even under adverse conditions, thereby bolstering overall response effectiveness and operational safety.

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